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Appearance and content:
Although our "HOME" page contains mainly a straightforward description of the site, depending on the amount of information that you need to make available to your visitors, you may decide to include several links on your home page to separate sites or areas. Larger organisations will have many site utilities and areas of interest.

These“zones” may all be linked from the home page of the larger organisation. As you browse the site you will confirm that we have used a consistant syle throughout, and is tested for compliance in the worlds most popular web browsers (though as with all software inovations, to facilitate particular utilities, plugins or upgrades may be required form time to time).

Style choices and preferences:
This (current) page os one of the few pages where we thought it prudent to subdue somewhat, our theme blues and yellow. For corporate image and information-loaded sites, white backgrounds to text are frequently used. Links to printer frinedly versions (like this) are an alternative way of facilitating the users' eas of retreval and storage of the site's information.

On the Mindworks Wonders site we use the colours on the navigation bar to remind the visitor which area of the site they are currently accessing: e.g. “home” is yellow while you view that page (or any links from it - i.e. this one).

Simple site navigation:
As you change the navigation selection, the buttons and page change accordingly, but our site designs are engineered to refresh only the actual display changes required this maximizes the flow and consistency of the site(many sites change the entire contents).

On " THINKING" page, animation and audio are used to reinforce the Mindworks Wonders Mission Statement. The animation loops the message for as long as the visitor chooses to view the page.

Web video:

In addition to animated movies, in the Gallery of Mindworks Wonders, we have a page of video and animation. This example (Pigeons in Richmond Park) was recorded on a mid-range pocked digital camera: very low quality without sound.

However, we can also publish broadcast quality video with audio, engineered for optimum efficiency and RRD (Relatively Rapid Download). If words are not enough, and a thousand pictures can’t paint it – say it with video!

Instantly from the web to your email box:
It may be possible to be a modern business and not have email as a contact medium option, but when you have a direct link to any email address of your choosing, you (or nominees) can be contacted by anybody with internet access ANYWHERE - ANYTIME.

The visitor doesn’t even have to have an email address to send a comment or enquiry. You can choose to receive messages from anonymous visitors, registered users of your site, or both.

Automatic responses to your visitors:
Mindworks Wonders can produce, style, and deliver automated responses to online communication, acknowledging receipt of the message, and provide follow-up advice as appropriate.

Security level(s) using encrypted passwords:
On the Internet (unfortunately, as with life generally….) security is an essential consideration. Using the latest in dynamic server technologies, access to your site, or part/parts thereof, can be limited to users with valid login IDs. You can have different levels of access to different areas of your site.

(To access secure area 1of the Mindworks Wonders Site – "The Realm", login using the username “webguest” using the password “demo”)

Secure authorized navigation:

Having accessed secure area 1 (The Realm) the user can brows the site, and all areas accessible to that user. On this secure page we have also included some of our Mindworks Wonders animations, which open in their own windows, and are controllable by the user to resize, zoom, rewind etc. Pop-up boxes are also an option that can be triggered by any specified action by the viewer – you may be pleased to know that we have not deemed it necessary to include any pop-ups on our
own site
(apart from here!!!).

Limiting access (without compromise):

This security is also communicated to the user in the event of a failed attempt to access a secure area of the site. The user is given three attempts to log-in using a valid username and password before the error (HTTP-401) is returned.

Even in this event the user has access to the unrestricted areas of the site via the navigation bar options or the browser's “Back” button.

Partners links and additional information:

To advertise your business you supply information about your company to services companies and professional listings, from telephone directories to your local newspapers. As the Internet is by nature about networking information. A “links” page, whilst not necessarily directly related to your business online, it can enhance partner and business relationships, and also extend the usefulness of your site as an information resource to your visitors.

May we help?

We at Mindworks Wonders thank you for taking the time to review this information. IF you would be interested in a no-commitment consultation on how you could extend your use of the web, and analysis of your required web-data (what type and size of site is appropriate for you and your business?), or any area of computing and technology where you think we may be able to help – please use the contact details or, (EVEN BETTER!!!) visit our Online Query Form from the "CONTACT" page!

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